TrainAfric specialises in low power computing and we are able to kit out an entire institution with off grid/low power hardware solutions. We are still able to supply, install and support conventional hardware.

Our low power computing solutions use less than 25% of conventional PCs without compromising performance. Our computing solutions are chosen for their versatility. We work to ensure you maximise returns on your ICT budget and space. We are authorised distributors in the region and have a service centre to carter for your support needs.


Bi-Bright is a Technology company focused on developing and promoting educational  as well as business solutions. Bi-Bright has developed a full range of interactive products, software and presentation accessories that enhance communication, creativity, teamwork, etc.



TrainAfric is also a distributor of the world’s smallest Windows based Mini PC kit, the LIVA . Budget friendly, DC power supply, silent, compact and powerful enough to run most office applications the LIVA is ideally suited for the African market.  It’s a fully-fledged PC that will effortlessly run most office applications. Budget aside, another attraction of the LIVA Mini PC in our environment is its versatility and low power consumption (consuming only 25% of standard PC power).



Many employees still routinely carry legally and commercially sensitive files on a USB stick a dedicated storage device, USB stick the most used forms of portable technology. But even modestly secured USB sticks have a habit of going astray. And imagine all your company secrets ending up down the back of a matatu seat!



TrainAfric are the local partners of Solar Ready who are pioneers in the development of decentralised energy storage, engaged in harvesting storing and distribution of electrical energy with 98% efficiency. Their unique products have been tried, tested and proven for a wide range of applications with unrivalled efficiency levels. Solar Ready has its base in 30 plus years’ knowledge and innovation in a competitive IT Industry.


C3 Server

Critical Links products are especially thought-out for schools that require access to content and/or learning tools, despite the scenario (with or without Internet connectivity). The portfolio encompasses different devices for different needs, ranging from an improved version of Intel Education Content Access Point, mainly focused on digital content distribution in the classroom to a complete server solution that includes the ultimate tools to create an enriched educational experience while keeping the simplicity and ease of use.